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The story so far…

Metal Militia is a one man instrumental metal band created by Joe Martin. “My songs are vehicles for story telling, but they’re also my way of taking something that is subjective and making it objective; allowing me to move beyond whatever event, hardship, or pain might have been the reason for the song in the first place,” says Martin. “In contrast to my last couple of bands, with Metal Militia I wanted to really focus on the music telling a story and move into the instrumental side of music”. MMXX is a concept album about 2020 that “really expresses who I am as a musician” says Martin. When asked to define that more specifically, Martin replied smilingly, “you’ll have to listen and see”.

Indeed, MMXX immediately strikes the listener as an emotionally charged reconciliation of the year 2020, which brings about a myriad of emotions depending on how it affected you personally. This album sounds exactly like what it is, a celebration of the greats like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, Trivium, Megadeth and others who dabbled in the world of instrumentals.

Originally from California, Joe has been playing music for over 20 years now, originally inspired to play when he was 15 by seeing a friends band play live. The next day he went to the local music shop and bought his first guitar and the rest is history. His first band which he started playing in back in high school, originally named the Cereal Killers, later changed to Travesty, lasted until Martin joined the United States Army in fall of 2003. After Martin was discharged from the Army in 2007 due to a back injury, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA and joined the band Far from Sunday. Joe started to dabble in solo recordings back in 2015 putting together a collection of classical guitar songs. Later towards the end of 2016, without knowing it at the time, he started working on a couple of songs that would later become the foundation for the Metal Militia project MMXX. He is heavily influenced by Metallica, Trivium, Iced Earth, Black Sabbath, Havok, Anciients, Megadeth and many more, but was always extremely attracted to the instrumentals that many of these bands produced and thought, why not have an entire album that is instrumental? This lead to the release of MMXX, a full length concept album that charts the events of the year 2020, on August 25th 2020. And that is the story so far!


Guitar: Joe Martin

Bass: Joe Martin

Drums: Programed by Joe Martin

Strings: Programed by Joe Martin


Metal Militia’s Gear Setup:

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