“Cerebral, apocalyptic pathogenically tinged doom riffs steeped in the influence of one of the most harrowing of years in recent human memory.” -Jim Murphy, The Den


See what others are saying about Metal Militia!

“MMXX is just very well done and is a pleasure to sit back and listen to, the quality is outstanding and there’s no need for lyrics, the music tells the story on its own. Bravo…”

“Man this is old school metal that you do not hear anymore. I am glad to see that someone has taken the flame and is riding the lightning.”       -Greg S.

“So often it’s hard to hear lyrics in this type of music, so if you can’t make me hear the lyrics, leave them out. These songs need no lyrics, the music speaks for itself.”   -Matias R.

As one reviewer from The Den put it, “Metal Militia is Joe Martin from Pittsburgh in the USA, putting it simply one man producing and playing throughout… aggressive and raw but still emotive and introspective”. In short, if you are a fan of legendary bands such as Metallica, Black Sabbath and others like them, Metal Militia is a must have for your collection!

When people talk about Metal Militia as a progressive metal instrumental band, they’re correct. Harsh riffs, thundering beats, and harmonic solo’s galore make MMXX a headbanger’s haven. It’s not just an instrumental concept album. It’s not just music. MMXX is a work of art.

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